Installing finepanels is really quick and easy...

Finepanels can usually be applied directly over the existing wall finish. All whole panels are 385mm or 585mm wide (installed) - so only the last panel of a run need be cut to size unless it would finish less than half width - 225/325 mm (Shaker 232/332mm)If so reduce the width of the starting and finishing panels to make the run symmetrical- see diagrams below and our downloadable Instructions containing more information and tips on how to plan an installation, attach panels, go round corners, cut down panels and deal with obstacles

Stage 1

If possible start with a *whole panel and apply a zig-zag bead or blobs of panel glue to the rear face

Stage 2

Press panel firmly in position and pin, brad or screw the leading edge to hold it in place whilst the glue dries

Stage 3

Glue and link panels progressively ensuring top edges are straight and level

Stage 4

Measure and cut a finishing panel to size with a circular, jig or hand saw

Stage 5

*If finishing panel would be less than half width cut both starting & finishing panels to size - see diagrams below

Stage 6

Complete the section by bonding on an end trim

Stage 7

Panel remaining sections of wall in exactly the same way. Overlap panels to form internal and external corners

Stage 8

Lastly attach a finishing trim - Door architrave works best. Finepanels are primed and ready to paint

See how easy it is to install our panels

All Finepanels are supplied with relevant printed Installation Guide

To view any of our guides in advance or to download and print additional copies simply click on the relevant highlighted link below.

Ww have a range of installation guides for the style, height and width you require. If the guide you require is not listed please try the relevant panel style in the 2C version of the same style & width. This is because dimensional differences aside the installation procedure for most styles in most heights is identical.