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We're really proud of the Finepanels we make. We're a long-established integrated interior solutions company based in the UK with a vast amount of experience in the trade. We're a company wholly focused on the individual and their needs and offering a tailored, bespoke service is at the heart of everything we do. Let us tell you about Finepanels. Your rooms, your walls; you live with them every day. But what if you could revitalise your walls, reinvent your space? Allow yourself to be reintroduced to your rooms. This is our ethos; a simple, inexpensive solution to a complex and time consuming renovation

It's the flatpack age and most people these days are taking it upon themselves to install home features. The design of our panels has this in mind and their straightforward application is ideal for DIY enthusiasts. Finepanels require only modest DIY skills and come with detailed instructions. You just need to find the old toolbox. Labour costs? Not necessary. This is why business owners also benefit from our panels. You don't have to put your business on hold while you fit the panels because you can install them fast and change and evolve the entire look of your restaurant, café or shop at a fraction of the price of a full renovation.

Our quirky design injects vibrancy and personality to any room. Finepanels can create a vintage aesthetic at a modern price and add a sense of grandeur to your staircase. Unsightly blemishes on your wall? Finepanels are an elegant solution to concealing wear and tear and can be fitted over an existing wall finish. Though simplicity is at the heart of Finepanels, their ability to completely transform a room makes them quite the entity!


  • The high quality finish of our new panelled walls has really impressed my customers

    Phil (Restaurant Owner) - Norwich


Classic panels cover all styles and periods


Panels inspired by Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian interiors


A rustic and quaint panel, ideal for a country cottage or cosy café


Wide plain bordered appearance echoing the style of 18th century Shaker furniture makers


Tudor and Jacobean wooden inspired panels


Panels with internally mitred mouldings for stylish period interiors

Why buy?

DIY, multi purpose, modern, durable, affordable - ready to fit

While we offer an extensive range, remember you have ultimate creative control over your project. Finepanels come primed and ready to be painted and you can choose to either fit them into an existing colour scheme or to add a stunning contrast to your walls. This is the beauty of Finepanels... and they come delivered straight to your door.