Raised and chamfered panelling was
  traditionally reserved for prestige interiors...








  Now in 385mm AND 585mm widths




Richly featured and generously textured ‘All Horizontals Raised’ finepanels are perfect for creating an impression of quality and substance

The striking effect of a lattice of raised centres imparts a degree of opulence usually found only in luxury panelling

AHR panels are suitable for prominent interiors at home or in board rooms, libraries and offices







Taller panels were traditonally used in high traffic areas where wallpaper would not have with stood the wear and tear





Raised Wall Panelling

Available in modular heights up to 6C (2545mm) entire walls can be covered at a fraction of the cost of equivalent bespoke raised panelling


For really outstanding results plan your AHR installation carefully. See the TBR page for ways in which raised panels can be set out- or ask us to do it for you!


2C & 2CW-AHR (885mm) dado panels with raised centres create a particularly ‘Grand Entrance’

Boxed 2C & 2CW panels available from stock - other heights assembled to order







1715mm (4C) high panels are the ideal height for positioning a plate shelf, ornament shelf or picture rail above

Our most popular size of panel dado-height or 2c finepanels
 deserve a page of their own! - With seven stylish variations
to choose from there's one to suit every interior

Ideal for hallways and lounges dado panels add interest, texture
and character to any room.  Whether you are creating a Grand
Entrance or simply updating a tired interior dado panels are a
practical durable and cost-effective way to make a real impression.


10% off all boxed 2c styles.

Dado-height finepanels are 885mm high x 285mm wide
Boxed in quantities of 5, 6, or 7 + 2 matching End Trims
all 2c panels are available from stock at a 10% discount.


Click on the Calculator symbol (left) to see how much different
styles of dado panel would cost for your size of room.

Dado panels are particularly easy to handle, trim and install -
even for the relative beginner.  Full instructions are included
in every box.  Matching dado stair panels (2CS) are available for
each style - click on the Stairs symbol to find out more.







1 2 3
4 5 6

  Ideal for fitting above narrow topped skirtings
  in hallways and kitchens flush TBS Shaker panels
  are our thinnest at just 12mm!







  Now in 385mm AND 585mm widths



tbsCrafted by the Shaker furniture makers of New England around the turn of the 18th century the wide plain bordered appearance of Shaker panelling is synonymous with their simple, practical lifestyle.  Need a bolder Shaker look? - see our new Deep panels with 9mm face trims (Shaker 6mm) - otherwise identical








Just as appealing today Shaker panels make the perfect kitchen panelling - attractive and durable our taller 1300mm high 3C-TBS finepanels give a room that quintessentially ‘New England’ feel 

shaker bottom 3c tbs1









3c tbs2

Moisture resistant, primed white and ready to paint Shaker 2C & 2CW-TBS dado-height finepanels are available from stock - other heights assembled to order







Shaker panels are our most economical style - so to find out how much (or how little!) a stylish Shaker interior would cost you use the Calculator



Dado Panels (2C-885mm) used in hallways may be seamlessly extended up the stairs with 2CS Stair panels (for other panel heights and all Heritage Stair panels please enquire)

As stair angles vary considerably Stair panels are supplied as tall rectangles enabling them to be cut to the correct angle top and bottom. Stair panels have their vertical trims attached but not their ‘horizontals’ (or any raised centres) - which are supplied loose for you to cut to the correct length and angle before fixing in position 

To help us work out how many stair panels you need measure the horizontal distance ‘X’ between where the top and bottom skirtings meet a straight angled stair skirting or ‘stringer’. Measure curved stringers horizontally between the furthest ends of each curve 

Although not complicated stair panels do need to be set out carefully - especially if you havehalf landings or curved stringers. Please forward us your Stair dimensions, including thoseof any adjoining straight runs, and we will advise you on the best way to lay the panels outand supply a budget price for the style you are interested in. Any queries please Contact us

Installation Instructions
Classic 2CS-AHC, 2CS-TBC & Beaded 2CS-TBB Stair Installation Guide for Stright Stringers .pdf
For other 2CS Stair Styles and other Stair panel heights - please enquire

  Traditional larks-tongue chamfers and dowel
  details typify hand crafted Jacobean, Tudor
  and Arts & Crafts wood panelling...







  Now in 385mm AND 585mm widths



2 ahh

The attractively chamfered
15mm flush trims of our
‘All Horizontals Heritage’
finepanels are perfectly 
suited to character interiors  




Rich in traditional detailing our AHH panels embody the essence of artisan panel making. Their hand-crafted appearance can be traced back to medieval manor houses - perfect for painting in a traditional colours to create an atmospheric interior



Heritage Wall Panelsheritage hold 











Alternatively paint an AHH  ‘featurewall’  in lighter, brighter colours to create the ideal foil to contemporary furniture or to complement a vintage collection