All Finepanels are supplied with relevant printed Installation Guide  



To view them in advance or to download and print additional copies click on a highlighted link below. Where specific Installation Guides for the exact style, height and width you require in are not listed please consult both the 2C version of the same style & width and a version of the same height as, dimensional differences aside, the installation proceedures for most styles in most heights are identical

Installation Tips & Pictures - All styles.pdf

1C - 470mm - Pending

2C - 885mm x 385mm
Classic 2C-TBC Installation Guide.pdf
Classic 2C-AHC Installation Guide.pdf
Raised 2C-TBR Installation Guide.pdf
Raised 2C-AHR Installation Guide.pdf
Beaded 2C-TBB Installation Guide.pdf
Shaker 2C-TBS Installation Guide.pdf
Heritage 2C-AHH Installation Guide.pdf
Fielded 2C-TBF Installation Guide.pdf
Deep 2C-TBD Installation Guide.pdf

2CW - 885mm x 585mm
Classic 2CW-TBC Installation Guide.pdf
Classic 2CW-AHC Installation Guide.pdf
Raised 2CW-TBR Installation Guide.pdf
Raised 2CW-AHR Installation Guide.pdf
Beaded 2CW-TBB Installation Guide.pdf
Shaker 2CW-TBS Installation Guide.pdf
Heritage 2CW-AHH Installation Guide.pdf
Fielded 2CW-TBF Installation Guide.pdf
Deep 2CW-TBD Installation Guide.pdf

3C - 1300mm
Classic 3C-AHC, 3C-TBC & Beaded 3C-TBB Installation Guide .pdf
All other 3C Styles - Pending

3CW-6CW  1300mm-2545mm
Fielded 3CW to 6CW-TBF Installation Guide .pdf

Deep 3CW to 6CW-TBD Installation Guide .pdf
All other Styles - Pending

4C - 1715mm
Classic 4C-AHC, 4C-TBC & Beaded 4C-TBB Installation Guide .pdf
All other 4C Styles - Pending

5C - 2130mm
Classic 5C-AHC, 5C-TBC & Beaded 5C-TBB Installation Guide .pdf
All other 5C Styles - Pending

6C - 2545mm
Classic 6C-AHC, 6C-TBC & Beaded 6C-TBB Installation Guide .pdf
All other 6C Styles - Pending

Stairs 2CS & 2CWS - 885mm
Classic 2CS-AHC, 2CS-TBC & Beaded 2CS-TBB Stair Installation Guide for Straight Stringers .pdf

Shaker 2CWS-TBS, Deep 2CWS-TBD & Fielded 2CWS-TBF Stair Installation Guide for Straight Stringers
All other 2CS Stair Styles and other heights - Pending

Shelf Brackets
Shelf Bracket Installation Guide - All sizes.pdf - Pending

Raised Centers
How to Cut Down & Install Loose Raised Centers .pdf

NOTE - Installation Guides and all other instructions are © Finepanel Ltd - a wholly owned subsidary of Keton Ltd - a member of ACID (Anti-Copying in Design). They are made available here solely for the purpose of assisting in the installation of Finepanel products - Copying, reproduction or adaption of this material for any other purpose requires the prior permission of Finepanel Ltd