fielded tbf

  Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian designers
  alike used traditional Fielded panels to add
  elegance, sophistication and charm....







  Now in 385mm AND 585mm widths



fielded panels bottomWith attractively profiled mitred softwood trims inside a wide deep border, TBF panels compliment any period interior. Form and shadow combine to create attractively detailed traditional panelling suitable for most older properties

Available in all 6 standard modular heights and special heights in both widths to order

Uniquely supplied with most mitred trims already attached makes achieving a Fielded appearance quicker and easier than ever - Available with selected trims loose to assist with installation- an ideal style for angled stair walls

Dado height 2C-TBF Fielded panels (885mm x 385mm) are available from stock in boxes of 6 + 2 End trims at a 10% discount

Wide 2CW-TBF panels (885mm x 585mm) are boxed 4’s and are available from stock - less 5%- order end trims separately




All non-dado height variations and special heights assembled from stock parts to order- usually within 5-7 working days

 Use the Calculator to obtain a budget £ and then contact us for an obligation-free layout


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