Frequently Asked Questions



Q - Are Finepanels really that easy to install?

A - Absolutely - All that’s required are a few tools, basic DIY skills and the ability to follow simple instructions!

Q - Are they suitable for any room in the house?

A - Finepanels are moisture resistant so you can fit them in most rooms however avoid wet and permanently damp locations and potential exposure to a naked flame

Q - What type of walls can Finepanels be attached to? 

A - Provided they are sound, dry and relatively flat Finepanels can be installed directly over the existing finish of most types of wall

Q- Can they be fitted up the stairs?

A - We make stair panels which enable all styles to be seamlessely extended up the stairs to create a really attractive hallway - click Stairs to to find out more

Q- What size are they?

A - Linked Finepanels repeat at 385mm or 585mm centres. End Trims are either 65mm wide (Classic, Raised, Beaded, Heritage) or 79mm wide (Shaker, Deep, Fielded) The shortest one compartment (1C) panels are 470mm high increasing in height by 415mm per compartment to a maximum of 2545mm (6C). Non-2C and bespoke heights assembled to order

Q- How thick are they?

A - All finepanels have a 6mm thick solid back panel - the top and bottom trims add 6mm (Classic, Raised, Beaded, Shaker) or 9mm (Heritage, Fielded, Deep) Verticals in all styles add 9mm except Shaker which are only 6mm thick. Hence overall Shaker panels are 12mm thick all round -  Classic, Raised & Beaded panels are 12mm thick horizontally but have 15mm verticals and Heritage, Fielded and Deep panels are 15mm thick all round

Q - Can Finepanels be cut down?

A - Being made from MDF they can be readily cut and drilled using ordinary power or hand tools. There are a few staples in the backs of panels and on the odd occasion when these coincide with a cut, they should be removed first - to see just how easy this is click here for Installation Tips & Pictures - All styles.pdf

Q - How many will I need and how much will they cost?

A – Use the simple ready reckoner to find out how many panels and end trims you’ll need and the total price including VAT - click here for Prices + Calculator

Q – What’s included in my order?

A – Whole panels (we don’t trim to width) and any ends trims required - Glue, mouldings (finishing trim, skirting etc), fixings and paint are NOT included and should be purchased separately

Q – Is the delivery cost the same nationwide? 
A – Mostly the same however certain ‘Highland & Island’ postcodes do attract a surcharge so please fill in and send us the Calculator table along with your details & postcode and we will confirm the delivery cost to your area and also availability

Q – How long before I can fit them?

A – Remove Finepanels from their packaging and lay flat in the room of installation for 48 hrs prior to attachment. This will allow them time to acclimatise and minimise the risk of any subsequent movement due to a change in temperature or humidity

Q - How are they attached?

A - Finepanels are attached progressively - glue and pin one on then glue and link the next one to it. Subsequent removal of glued-on panels may cause wall damage - screw them on ‘dry’ if this is a concern - see Installation

Q - What kind of glue should I use?

A - A moisture-resistant nail-replacement type of glue available in cartridges from your local builders merchant or DIY superstore

Q - Which fixings are best?

A - When fixing to plastered walls panel pins or pneumatic brads should be sufficient. For rendered and harder walls use masonry nails or No6 countersunk woodscrews with red wall plugs.

!Always check for concealed services before inserting any fixings !

Q - Where can I buy Finepanels?

A - All sizes and styles are exclusively available from JDIS Ltd

Q - What type of paint should I use?

A - Water-based interior paints in a satin finish are ideal (e.g. Eggshell or Satin/Silk Emulsion) as they have an attractive sheen and are easier to wipe clean than Matt. Oil-based Gloss may be used however apply carefully as brush and roller marks tend to show up more. For best results apply with a ‘flocked’ mini roller and a small brush

Q - What if there is a problem?
A - If you experience difficulties or have any queries please Contact Us and we will endeavour to resolve them promptly