Use TBD panels with deeper frames make a bolder
  interior statement....








  Now in 385mm AND 585mm widths

 shaker tbs   


2CW box4

Otherwise identical to Shaker panels with 6mm trims the 9mm thick framing of Deep finepanels can add extra dimensionality to a room.

Available in all 6 standard modular heights and special heights in both widths to order.

The pronounced shadows of TBD panels create a more distinct 3D appearance. Although Deep panels at 15mm thick are only 3mm thicker than Shaker panels visually they can be used to generate a stronger and more positive apperance.

Costing just 10% more than the Shaker equivalent they are ideal for rooms like kitchens and lounges which can benefit from their more prominent and well-defined character






2c tbd

Dado height 2C-TBD Deep panels (885mm x 385mm) are available from stock in boxes of 6 + 2 endtrims at a 10% discount

Wide 2CW-TBD panels (885mm x 585mm) are boxed 4’s and are available from stock - less 5%- order end trims separately

All other variations and special heights assembled from stock parts to order - usually within 5-7 working days



‘Wide’ 585mm panels are the same price per Linear Metre as 385mm panels of the same height and style- Use the Calculator to work out ahow much either would cost