The regularly divided appearance of
  ‘All Horizontals Classic’ finepanels
  is everyone’s idea of what real wall
  panelling should look like...






  Now in 385mm AND 585mm widths



2c ahc

Clean and understated the lightly chamfered verticals and horizontals of AHC finepanels make them suitable for most interiors.


Available in six modular heights ranging from 1C - 470mm up to 6C -2545mm depending on how many compartments they have. Taller versions can be used to line whole rooms or to create feature walls




2c ahc1

Mositure resistant Dado height panels are an excellent way to transform a bathroom

‘It was easy for an amateur like myself to fit the panels and achieve a professional finish’

James D - Reigate

2C-AHC dado panels are ideal for hallways, simply add a top moulding to match your skirtings and make the perfect entrance

Boxed 2C panels from
stock less 10%






  • 2C-AHC FP3
  • 2C-AHC FP5
  • 2C-AHC-FP1
  • 3C-AHC SCS1
  • 3C-AHC-3
  • 4C-AHC 1
  • 5C-AHC STAG1

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