Raised and chamfered panelling was
  traditionally reserved for prestige interiors...








  Now in 385mm AND 585mm widths




Richly featured and generously textured ‘All Horizontals Raised’ finepanels are perfect for creating an impression of quality and substance

The striking effect of a lattice of raised centres imparts a degree of opulence usually found only in luxury panelling

AHR panels are suitable for prominent interiors at home or in board rooms, libraries and offices







Taller panels were traditonally used in high traffic areas where wallpaper would not have with stood the wear and tear





Raised Wall Panelling

Available in modular heights up to 6C (2545mm) entire walls can be covered at a fraction of the cost of equivalent bespoke raised panelling


For really outstanding results plan your AHR installation carefully. See the TBR page for ways in which raised panels can be set out- or ask us to do it for you!


2C & 2CW-AHR (885mm) dado panels with raised centres create a particularly ‘Grand Entrance’

Boxed 2C & 2CW panels available from stock - other heights assembled to order







1715mm (4C) high panels are the ideal height for positioning a plate shelf, ornament shelf or picture rail above